In »Disceptatio«, the betrayed Connor fights for his love living in his imaginary world while everything is already lost in real life.

„Excellence in Filmmaking“

„Fascinating, breathtaking and perfect“

„Never before has the end of a love been told this poetic“



A young captive is taken into an apparently hostile territory. The protagonist Connor gets quickly wired and his task is to get information from inside an underground organization which he used to work for. In order to do so, he must hold the upper hand in a confrontation with the leader Lazarus to regain her trust. It quickly becomes obvious that Connor and Lazarus share a common past and that this past even extends beyond the world that is shown. The events keep intensifying to a dramatic and visually climax when the truth is revealed.


Director: Tobias Wolters & Tim Augurzke
Screenplay: Tobias Wolters & Tim Augurzke
Producers: Tobias Wolters
Original Music by: Tobias Wolters

Cast: Chris Nachtigall, Beatrice Glagow & Stuart Austen

Technical Specs

Runtime:              18 min
Color:                   Color
Soundmix:           Stereo
Aspect Ratio:       2.65 : 1
Camera:                RED Scarlet (Kowa anamorphic lenses) | Blackmagic PCC
Print:                     4K Digital

DISTRIBUTION: Immortal Imagination Motion Pictures