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Inspired by the world, LONE LIGHTS is an immersive and metaphorical cinematic journey following five individual soldiers through war and depicting how they slowly lose their minds. A group of five different soldiers arrive as the last reinforcement of a lost battle. They soon find themselves in a traumatizing bombardment surrounded only by death and destruction. Sleepless nights and exhaustion soon lead to insanity and they have to decide whether to continue the madness or to break free. LONE LIGHTS is constantly questioning our perspectives and ambitions as a human race. LONE LIGHTS is written and directed by the award-winning filmmaker Tobias Wolters (Disceptatio).

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Director: Tobias Wolters  Screenplay: Tobias Wolters & Tim Sprenger  Producers: Johannes Schultze & Tobias Wolters  Original Music by: Tobias Wolters  Cast: Steve M. Gilbert, Michael Ihnow, Maik Rogge, Sarah Wolters, Dominik Herbergs



– executive production and visual effects –

A young female felon has to do mandatory therapy following her jail time – but the therapy grows into a stalking, because the therapist is out for revenge. Written and directed by Felix Charin.


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– award winning short film –

Produced, written and directed by Tobias Wolters and co-directed by Tim Augurzke: In »Disceptatio«, the betrayed Connor fights for his love living in his imaginary world while everything is already lost in real life: „Excellence in Filmmaking„(Nevada IFF 2015) „Fascinating, breathtaking and perfect“(wewantmedia) „Excellent story telling digging up some original ideas“(filmshortage).

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action / thriller

N.E.X.T tells the story of Gunther and Rafael, two competing gang leaders. After a deceiving incident that destroys one of Gunther’s laboratories, they start fighting each other and lose control very soon. In order to overcome their discrepancies, they have to face their own mistakes and weaknesses as well as avoid being caught by the investigating police force. Humor, charm, tension and hardcore-action turn this film into an intense and enjoyable ride. Written, directed and produced by Tobias Wolters and co-written and co-produced by Tim Sprenger.

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COMING HOME (Artist: Panting Colors)

KEIN PLATZ MEHR (Artist: Punch Arogunz)

OFFICER RILEY (Artist: Punch Arogunz)

HOLLOW TIPS 2 (Artist: Punch Arogunz)

TRAILER (Artist: Punch Arogunz)